Tyra's Real Hair

Tyra revealed her real hair on her talk show yesterday, (Click HERE to learn more about Tyra Show). I didnt get to catch it but i was well informed by her twitter page (i'm following her. i love tyra! i really like how she's focused on being a role model for young women and teens). Anywho, here are some pics from the newly updated, which is now her online magizine.

i honestly didnt think her hair was this long.

i can soooo relate to these pics. there r days when i just wanna cut it.
but then i change my mind and spend hours doing my hair. ^_^.

tyra is gorgeous. im glad she's doing this. it's just one more thing that makes her real.

Also, i think i will be tuning to ANTM this season. It's with models under 5'7" and those girls r fiesty. lol. Did u hear about that big brawl that happened at one of the casting calls. Wow. lol. I think it'll be just as fierce as the first few cycles because these girls probably feel like this is their only chance. I'm looking forward to seeing tomorrow on CWTV @ 8PM.

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  1. yeah, i woulda never guessed her hair to be this long. Shes so fab!!!! :) :) :)

    -kelly of *AF*


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