Wanna Have Some Fun

I live in Atlanta. And as most of u know, the ATL is on the rise when it comes to it's night life and music. Here's what i found online at the (Atlanta Journal Constitution):

Top 10 List of the Most Entertaining Cities (USA):
1. New York
2. Chicago
3. Los Angeles
4. Miami (tie)
5. Washington, D.C. (tie)
6. Atlanta
7. Boston (tie)
8. Philadelphia (tie)
9. San Francisco
10. Dallas

"Apparently we’re not the most fun city in the United States, nor are we among the top five cities. According to a one new ranking, Atlanta isn’t even the best spot in the southeast to have a good time. But! We are on the list released this month by, that data-happy purveyor of random rankings. Atlanta falls sixth on its list of America’s Most Entertaining Cities."

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