Global Grind

A few days ago i googled my name, "alliefarout", just because i was curious about what would come up. One of the sites that came up was Global Grind.

At first, i was like "Oh cool, a site featured my blog" and i didnt think much of it. Today i was watching "Run's House", (which is one of the few reality shows i watch, it's awesome), and JoJo was talking about interviewing his dad, Rev Run, for Global Grind. And i was like "What!? My blog was featured on that? No way." So i looked it up and, ta-da, there it is. I dunno if this is a big deal or not. I get stoked when i get comments and a follow. So this is kinda a big deal to me. =)

Thank you "Mystery Person" who thought my blog was cool and featured it. I really appreciate your support.

And i cannot thank u guys enough for staying in tune with my blog and following me. And i promise there will be more to come.

Love & Life,


  1. CONGRATZZZZ!!! I would probably cry...cause im such a loser like that! ANYYYthing gets me excited! :)

    I'm off to google my name now! Be back soon!

    -Kelly of *AF*

  2. wow thats aweseom O.O

    congrats girl!


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