The Notebook

I was going thru some of my old notebook and found some pics i drew a while back. It's cool because i remember the inspiration for every single one. lol. I'm only gonna post a few of them.

1. This is a pic of a guy hiding behind his jacket, which was influenced by Lupe Fiasco. For some reason, the pic kinda gives me a Nas feel... humph, whatever. Anywho, i really like this picture. Especially since i'm not that good at drawing guys. lol. I like how this turned out. 2. This one was inspired by a collectible Barbie. I was bored one day at work and went on Barbie's site to check out the collectibles (they're gorgeous, of course!). By far, my favorite doll on the site is Hard Rock Cafe Barbie. She looks so cool. I want it. I saw another doll that kinda reminded me of an evil empress of some sort, so i drew my rendition of her. 3. The last pic was inspired by Lil Mama. I was just browsing her myspace page and pics. I liked her pose in this pic so i drew it. It was kinda like practice for me because i tend to have a hard time giving my pictures dimension. I gave it a slight anime appeal with the hair. I like the whole pic but, as simple as it seems, i really like how the "funk" came out. One of my fav things to draw is clothes, and thats why im proud of it (i'll post some fashion pics for y'all later). Oh yeah, one more thing, these are "inked" versions of the original pictures. The originals are pretty messy and was done in pencil. These were drawn with a gel pen over the scanned original and then slightly touched up on Photoshop.

Hope u like it,

Myspace, Barbie


  1. Ur Page is Lookin Sick!!Keep Hitting Me up

  2. u draw really well! i'm crap at drawing guys, but i hope to one day have both sexes in my work. keep drawing!

  3. thanks Stupendous. i admire ur work as well. =)

  4. Wow those are fantastic... I like the original ones better, mostly for the messy-ish pencilness going on there =o

    wow... so talented girl!!!

    The skill at drawing skipped kid in my family, as you can see from the post on my page XD! I still like drawing though =o I can do something halfway decent when looking at the picture while drawing it, but if its from my own brain noooooooooooooo. lol! keep up the great work girl, i'd love to see some more pictures!


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