Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

United Nude Comso Sandals: For some reason, shoes like these are kinda scary to me. They look so intimidating to walk in. It's not a traditional heel. Where's the back??? lol. ^_^. I still love them tho. And for these, i'll conquer my fear.

Nike Gladiator Sandals: Humph... this is pretty interesting. I like how these sandals keep the look of a Nike shoe... kinda.

Nike xUSLU Airlines: I absolutely LOVE the scarf around these shoes! OMG that's brillant!
Lacoste Shoes: Okay, this one is a big "wowzer" for Lacoste. I honestly dont know what to say about this. I look and wonder "is this the futuristic look of shoes?" I dunno. But the rubber material gives it a "space-like" feel that i'm not sure i'm totally comfortable with. But it's whatever.

via: HighSnobette , Colette

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