Just gimme a few years...

...and maybe this will be my house. lol. ^_^. I love these contemporary houses. They look so cool!
This one has an "endless view of the Los Angeles city skyline which, incidentally, can be enjoyed just as much (if not, more) from the outdoor terraces encircling the building." But not surprisingly, the house is listed for sale at $15,960,000. Wow.

I think i got into house design when i started playing The Sims, which i LOVE, btw. When creating a lavish house for my socialites, i would go online to find inspiration. My favorite part of The Sims is building the houses and commercial buildings. So it's no shocker that i slightly fell in love with architectural design. I cant wait for SIMS 3!!! OMG, it's gonna be amazing! Next month, it's coming out and I'm uber excited! YAY Sims!!! ^_^.


  1. Tee hee I'm such a Sims junkie. That is SUCH a great idea getting inspiration for your architecture from real buildings! I had way too much fun setting up furniture in my house recently...a friend of mine who helped me move and is all too aware of my Sims obsession joked that now I could "play the real thing" for a few hours LOL.

  2. that's too funny. lol.

    i love it when i see things in real life that i've seen on the sims. ^_^.


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