Imagine this on ur living room floor

...I have no word except for "whoa..."

"Inspired by the male spirit, designer Rafa Garcia has come up with a stylish, innovative coffee table that is also functional in usage. The ‘Sancal Elipse’ features an upper surface that looks as if it’s levitating in the air, giving off a mystic look to the furniture. The table is created with a metal structure in F1 steel tube polished in epoxy coating, while the upper and bottom surfaces are carved out of lacquered high frequency pressed MDF (medium-density fibreboard). The ‘Sancal Elipse’ is available in two different dimensions... Available at online modern design superstore Nest."



  1. Probably a little too edgy for my house! But its still pretty cool.

  2. Oh and BTW one blogger to another, I found this great site that I thought if you weren't using as a regular source yet, you might really enjoy and find handy!


    You seem to like to blog about fashion and home stuff, and this place has THE coolest stuff on the web! And even better, it links back to the original source (like Etsy or what have you) so you're not always sourcing Kaboodle! lol.

  3. yeah imagine walking in your house and seeing hands sticking up from your table! lol. once on kanye's blog, there were lamps in the shape of people. that would freak me out! lol

  4. thanks for It's really cool. ^_^.


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