Ooo Ahhs and Faux Pas

So what do YOU think of this dress? I like how the line in the fabric plays with the motion of the dress. It give the illusion that its curvier than it really is. And that seems to be what Eva likes. I'm used to it... it think its cool. How about you?

I am definitely rocking a hat like this this summer. Not because of Miss Kim but because it big & fabulous! My mind is made up! Dont try to sway me. hehehe. (Kim looks gorgeouse by the way.)

So close but not quite there Beyonce. I feel like something's missing. I see where she's going with it tho. It's okay for now. But what up with the blazer-jackets fad going on? It's cool. I dig it. ^_^. At least the hard shoulder pads are slowly going out. I wasnt really feeling those...

via: theLifeFiles and OMG!Yahoo!

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  1. I too like how the lines on the textile pattern play off on the shape of the dress, but I think this dress would have been better for something like the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Gala.

    Looks like Kim must have been at the Preakness!

    I don't know why but for some reason I really dig that whole ankle boots-shorts-blazer thing, even if I don't like the fabrics that Beyonce put them together with.


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