I ABSOLUTELY do not like articles that try to sell me stuff when i'm read it for something informative! Crappers! Like a Yahoo! article "Things you shouldnt get from a Vending Machine."

What shouldnt you get? .....Everything.

What should you get? ....Crackers by Nabisco. (that's not what the brand was, i'm just sayin)

And yet another Yahoo! article has gotten me again. I was really tryna learn something about Mineral Make-Up and what's the end result???? Buy RawMinerals. No comparison to other specifics brands... I didnt learn anything i couldnt have assumed on my own, or nothing! Gee.. Thanks for wasting my life. I really appreciate it. Because now its on my blog......(sigh)...... Does anyone feel me or what?


  1. I definitely feel your pain. I stopped reading beauty mags for the same reason. Once I found out all the manipulation and ass kissing that goes into their each and every fashion and makeup recommendation, I stopped reading all together. I want to rock that Clinique Black Honey lip slick because its amazing, not because a Clinique rep took the Cosmo editor on a trip to Cancun!

  2. exactly!!! thank u for understanding. ^_^.


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