Project Runway

Damn this show for sucking me into their marathon! lol. Just kidding. I dont mind Project Runway. It's no worse that America's Next Top Model. And i used to watch that religiously. So.... yeah. Anywho, i watched half of Season 5 and was SOOO glad Kenley didnt win. She was not so nice. But her style was cool. Somewhat reminiscent of Betsy Johnson's retro, vintage style...
Korto & Leann were cool. My heart was pulling for both of them. So i was okay with Leann winning. Her collection is pretty cool. Her main theme for the line "waves".

Check it out:

via: Youtube


  1. feel bad admiting this & all, but I am a fan of project runway...I am seriously fixing to follow ure blog...u can follow me at

  2. i wasnt either until i got sucked into a marathon. after 2 episode i was like "i cant believe im watching this." but it's whatever. why not when ure bored. ;)

    thx for the follow. i'll follow u.


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