Just a Fling Thing

I've been keeping a look out for this commercial ever since i read the article a while back on Advertising Age, an online advertising news site (My desired profession is advertising). Mars, the candy company, has come out with a new candy called Fling.
The product is targeted to women and the commericial is, pretty much, trying to say it's okay to have some sweets once in a while. Hence the name "Fling". So they're first commercial appears to have a lady and a man in a dressing room together doing something naughty. But surprise! The lady is just eating a "Fling" bar.

via: theLifeFiles (thank u!!!) , AdGabber


  1. I have so many problems with this campaign that I'm not even going to get *in* to it, except to say that marketing food and sex towards women in a manner that suggests that both (chocolate and physical gratification) are rare, privileged indulgences is highly damaging. Its those little subtle messages that get inserted in our every day lives. Women aren't allowed to have one night stands and chocolate...except sometimes. Women get fat and we're supposed to keep our legs closed, so ooooh sex and chocolate are real treats.

    Dudes on the other hand are often featured orgasming to a chocolate rainbow delight in virtually every ad you see. Overindulgence without restraint. Seems they're the only ones "allowed".

  2. i feel u on this one. there's obviously something wrong with this ad and societal views on women. The article i read critized the ad so much and it's been so long since i read it, i didnt think they were gonna do it anymore. But i guess not. Fling is trying to attract the health conscience woman, but it could've been done in better, more tasteful, less offensive, and less controversal ways. Plus, calling it Fling... really? wow... yeah, it was bad from the start.


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