Falling for Pre-Fall Looks

The dress in the middle is too FABULOUS! Loves it!

I love the hair. All these looks are fly. I like the jacket on the right.

I love how she's modeling these. I'll rock all of these.

via: V Magazine


  1. I think I'm digging this ankle boot thing that seems to be heating up!

  2. ankle boots are definitely on fire! i've always been a tennis shoe and boot girl. So ankle boots are PERFECT!!!

  3. Yeah I'm thinking I might get some 'cause the tights + shorts look is hot right now. I too need something a little more from my shoes--I hoof it around Seattle too much (and practical walking shoes are booooorrrring). These look like I could walk a few blocks, without stifling my feet or ripping them to shreds lol.


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