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Hey...How do u like my new profile pic???

I've been playing around on Photoshop all day. Who knew my projects would come out so good? This is my new profile pic. The original pic was shaky but still cute. So i touched it up added a filter and "voila!"

This one was a bit tricky but i got it! YAY Me! lol. I figured it'll look great with words so i wrote a lil something:

"Silence is gray not golden. One does not know me if I never speak.
When my silence is broken... my words become Golden."

You know how u dont know write until u start writing??? Well that was the case here. But it was so appropriate and honest. And it can connect with so many things and circumstances. Every one has value and one way someone can see that worth is when u speak...

The next pic is a cover for my unreleased projects. I sing... and just finished my version of "Kiss Me Thru the Phone." The original was done by Soulja Boy and Sammie. It was a fun project. And I really wanted to do it and practice my song writing skills. Everything turned out great. But my people and i agreed that the song is not cohesive with the image i want to project. So i'm not releasing it. I'll be posting a new song on my MySpace Page soon. I'll let ya'll know as soon as that happens...

Back to the picture, this is the cover for all my unreleased projects- not that they need a cover, but i thought it'll be cool. The picture is me holding two flowers down as if pushing them away. And i called it "Moody Singles" 'cause the songs going in this file will be so random and my not have one definite sound so it's "moody". lol. Anywho, this is what i've done hope ya like it...

Until then we speak again... keep smiling! -Allie

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