Who is Steve Rogers?

Answer: Captain America

I saw a story on Yahoo! about people in the running to play Captain America, so I thought I should make a suggestion. For the longest, my boyfriend and I have been saying, look-wise, Trevor Donovan would make a good Captain America. You’ve seen him before; he plays “Teddy” on CW’s 90210.

I’ve also noticed a few other blog suggesting Jensen Ackles from Supernatural, also on CW. He would be a cool Captain America too. But according to Yahoo!, he has scheduling conflicts. =/

R U Serious! I understand he may have contractual obligations with CW & Supernatural. But nothing comes before playing Captain America. Anyway, if it’s true, that's lame. He would be a good Captain America. I mean, have u seen Supernatural?!?! He is a straight-up bad ass! Lol.

According to Yahoo! candidates for the Captain America role include Michael Cassidy (Privileged & Smallville), Patrick Flueger (“Brothers” w/ Tobey Maguire), Wilson Bethel, and Mike Vogel (Cloverfield). Scott Porter and John Krasinski and are also a candidates according to MTV News.

Out of these handsomely talented men, my vote is on Mike Vogel or Scott Porter.

This is purely based on looks. Kinda shallow, I know. But what can I say, they’re hot! Lol.

But who knows what happen. Captain America is such an iconic super hero. And with the pressures of that fact, plus the success of other super hero/comic book movies, I’m sure they’re committed to making a film that will be amazingly awesome that’s filled with lots action.

Honestly, in the end, that’s all we’re asking for.

Keep it Cool.

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