My Make-Up Story

Would u believe I bought foundation make-up
for the first time EVER yesterday?!

I know right! Lol. I don’t generally wear a lot of make-up, just lip gloss & eye make-up, but I’ve been curious. So, when my friend (Kierstyn) and I went to the mall the other day, I was like “why not? if i'ma get it, i might as well get it from a professional first.” So here I am, with foundation. (Yay!)

Me & Kierstyn

I bought Clinique. The make-up artist helped me find my complexion and put it on me. Then when I got home, my friend showed me how to put it on myself (Thank You, Kierstyn!). I also decided to try some green CoverGirl eye shadow.

Coolness ... Allie


  1. I think you're silly. And We got good pictures for each of these lil steps. Cool beans. Are you still usin it? I hope so. And have you looked at my Avon site for whatever you were lookin for yet? Lata!!
    --Kierstyn :P
    I thought about starting a blog....Idk though :D lol

  2. yeah, the pics came put really good. i wore the foundation yesterday for our photo shoot. it came out really good (makeup & the photoshoot). lol. i prefer a brush instead of the sponge tho. i checked out your Avon page. i'ma order a brush from u soon. ttyl.

    PS. U should start a blog. lol. =]


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