Millionaire - Kelis feat. Andre 3000

My boyfriend first introduced me to this song and i love it!

Andre is sooo talented. My fave part on this song is when he says:
"Where there is cheese there are rats,
Where there are rats there are cats,
Where ever there are cats there are dogs.
If you got the dogs you got bitches.
Bitches Always out to put their paws on your riches.
If you got riches,you got glitches."
Read whole song lyrics.

It's probably not the most insightful thing Andre has said, but when i heard it i was like "man... that's so true." lol.

Anywho, do you like the song? Have you ever heard it before?



  1. yea i love dis song too when da album dropped I copped

  2. i looove this song.. i've heard it when kelis' album tasty came out...
    i also like the video, it's cute and so different to a normal kelis videoclip.
    you really stressed out the best lines of the song.


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