Gym Class Heroes

What’s up everybody!
How was your week?

My week was okay. Just class… Anywho, on Thursday, I was really in the mood to do something but didn’t know exactly what to do. So I was on twitter…

Oh yeah, I have a twitter page: Follow me if u’d like. I try to twitter as often as I can. I would like to twitter more. Maybe if i had UberTwitter on my phone. But it's cool. Feel free to follow me. Please send me a message or something telling me u watch my blog, so I’ll know who u r. Thanks!!

But let’s digress… so Thursday, my boyfriend’s friend’s girlfriend tweeted something about going to the Gym Class Heroes concert @ GSU. And I was like u should go bcuz they’re cool and she invited me to go! (Awesome). I was up for it cuz she seems cool and I’ve been wanting to get outta the house all day.

So here’s some pics from the concert. Sorry it’s shaky… camera phones. Lol. But the concert was really cool:

They came back out cuz the crowd was screaming "Encore!"

Are u familiar with Gym Class Heroes? I realized I knew more of their songs than I thought when they performed them. “Cupid’s Chokehold,” they’re 1st single, is a dope song. I also like “Clothes Off.”


My Friday was chill. And now it’s Saturday… I’m at work til 2pm. I might go to the movies with my bf & his family to see “Good Hair” (Chris Rock). Or we’ll go shopping. I dunno right now. But I’ll fill u in when things happen.

Love Ya!
Have a GREAT weekend! ^_^.


  1. i heard of them. There was one song a few years back but I don't remember what it was. I really loved it. I liked Gym Class Heroes but never listened to much of them though =/

    I like there sound, but not that clothes off song too much... The message it sends

    oh oh, if you saw good hair tell me how that was! I heard its going to be hilarious. I was watching tyra's show about peoples obsessions with good hair one day, and she mentioned this show. Its sad that people think like that...and terrible that those children had those thoughts instilled in them too...

  2. i guess the message in "clothes off" is a bit suggestive, but it's a fun song. that's why i like it.

    and i havent seen 'Good Hair' yet. =/
    but i will keep u updated whenever i do. ^_^


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