Fefe Dobson

She's been compared to Avril Lavigne and Rihanna. Now meet Fefe Dodson for yourself as she sits down with Vibe for a quick interview.

VIBE: Your second album, Joy, will be released soon. Describe its sound.
Fefe Dobson: It's mature, but it's fun. It's more raw than the first record. I wanted it to have imperfections. Like at the end of "I Want You," there's laughter, because I was actually honestly laughing.

As a young, black punk rocker, why do you think young black women don't really follow the genre like a white teen supports a group like Paramore?
It doesn't make sense to a lot of people with that ethnicity or look, but that's what I love. I love rock 'n' roll, and I'd be untrue to myself if I did anything other than that or didn't have that element. I love Soul music, but I feel like that all can come together on my terms in rock 'n' roll.

Read the whole interview here. But here's the last Q&A.

What do you think of the constant comparisons to Rihanna?
There are always going to be comparisons with people. That's normal. When i first came out, there were comparisons with Avril [Lavigne], and that died out. And now there's one with me and Rihanna. It's normal. I just giggle at them.

I first learned about ms Dodson through my boyfriend. He's into all kinds of music. Check out his blog, by the way. Anywho, Fefe Dobson's song "I Want U" is featured on the trailer for Drew Barrymore's film, 'Whip It'. I like Fefe's style. It's pretty edgy.

Check out this video. Tell me what u think.

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  1. she's pretty! great film clip.

  2. i love her i rememeber her from a looong tiem ago,
    like 00's maybe late 90's from that song take me away,
    shes a rocker and i love it.

  3. she is pretty. i havent heard any of her music. but she's cool and i really like her style.

  4. i Like her but she was tryna say rihanna was taking her style & lookie here i see she done cut her hair looking like Rihanna but she is pretty dope tho..


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