Beyonce & Gaga Video

These ladies are two of the most popular singers today and it seems as if they have joined forces for B's latest video, "Video Phone" (Listen to 'Video Phone'). After a few weeks of rumors, the news has been confirmed by MTV:

A spokesperson for director Hype Williams confirmed to MTV News that that both Beyoncé and Gaga appear in the "Video Phone" clip, which Williams shot last weekend in Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood.

Williams' spokesperson would not confirm any additional information about the "Video Phone" shoot, but, according to Life and Style magazine, security on set was extremely tight, and the video is shaping up to be a fashion bonanza, with Beyoncé wearing "a feathered dress" and Gaga sporting "something wild ... the fashion is sick and insane."

I cant wait to see this video! ^_^

In other news, my friend, Glenn, let me hear a new Lupe Fiasco track that's gonna be on the Twilight: New Moon's soundtrack. (Visit Lupe's blog)

I'm pretty anxious to see the movie. Another friend turned me on to Twilight by suggesting i read the book. And of course, we saw the first twilight movie. So hopefully this one is even better. Here's Lupe Fiasco, 'Solar Midnite'...

'New Moon' hits theaters Nov 21

HipHopDX (Beyonce, Lupe Fiasco), Yahoo! (Twilight Trailer)


  1. that video is gonna be dope. I love beyonce and i love gaga too. They're both fine as hell!

  2. Thanks for the comment allie...and i'm so excited about the video with b and gaga can't wait to see it ..Lupe i like him favorite song is kick push and daydream and about the twilight trailer YES imma A Twilight Fan but i must say i'm tried of all the trailers and ish and all the hype the move is getting it better be good..every other week they got a new trailer and ish soon with all the trailer we gon be able to see the movie before it comes out..

    [Posted New Post on check it out]

  3. Great post Allie. The Beyonce and Gaga video sounds like it will be amazing. I can't wait. Also that new Lupe song is awesome - I would have never thought in a million years Lupe would be on the Twilight soundtrack, lol.

    - Jamie

  4. @neesh: daydream is probably may fave from lupe too. jill scott kills it! ^_^. and hopefully all these trailers dont reveal the whole movie. that'll be kinda lame. lol.

    @Jamie: i agree. i totally didnt expect lupe to be on the soundtrack either. lol.


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