Who's the Judge?

So we've all heard these rumors about Miss Abdul not returning to American Idol. I, honestly, do not watch Idol religiously like that to really care. But it is interesting how this happened a few times before. Paula's worried about renewing her contract. Everyone cries for Paula not to go. Then a few weeks before Idol returns, Paula's back.

So, is this one for real? I dunno. But the hype of the situation definitely has my attention. And i just found this article about J Lo possibly taking Paula's spot.

"According to reports, Jennifer Lopez is 'actively negotiating' with the producers of hit tv show 'American Idol' to replace Paula Abdul."
Read the whole article.

Although I'm not the biggest fan of Idol, having J Lo as a judge would make me watch. It's not that i like J Lo more than Paula. She's cool. I guess i would only because she's new to the show. I'd watch it more but still dont think i'll "follow" it. If that makes sense... humph... whatever, (shrug).

What u think about this? Do you prefer Paula or J Lo? Are you a fan of American Idol? If you prefer neither who would u like to see as a judge? TheBoomBox


  1. i dont watch american idol. and i cant say if i perfer like j.lo or paula on the shoe. it all depends on how j.lo interactives with the rest of the crew.

  2. that's true. good point. =)

  3. it makes sense and either way, i don't care... whats up with that new girl this year? she goin back?

  4. i guess so. i havent heard anything about her status on the show.

  5. It's victoria beckham. Hhahahaha, why POSH? I thought they were jokin at first?

  6. i heard that too! there have been so much madness around this story, it's crazy. it's hard to tell what for real with Idol. lol. Congrats to Mrs. Beckham. and thanks for the info. =)


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