Fashion in Action: Louis Vitton

I'm trying out a new interface for my Fashion in Action posts. I wanted to better show how runway can be transformed and used in your functional wardrobe. Today, i'm focusing on Louis Vitton's Ready-to-Wear line for 2009. Although, RTW apparel is supposed to be "ready to wear", sometimes it seems a bit extreme for the average person.

But a wise lady once told me to take runway piece by piece and look at it as an individual instead of a whole set. And that's what i wanted to bring to "Fashion in Action". I hope u like the post. I will try to post a new one every month.

Here's it is... your daily dose of F.i.A.

Make this look work for you...
Instead of going with a printed skirt+basic colored top, i switched it. A black skirt is a basic, essential piece. You could also use any other basic color if you have it. And that can go with a printed top like the one i have chosen. The model has on a loose, mid-sleeve, open collar top. So i found something similar that could possibly work. I also think simple black boots, could work well in recreating this look.

One thing daring thing about this model is her gloves. I like how she's rocking it. So to follow this trend, try to find long gloves complimentary to your printed apparel (the shirt, in this case). However, if you cant find that perfect pair, try bangles or big bracelets to fill up your arms. Also, a necklace like that could be hard to find. So look for a complimentary necklace that rides your neckline and does not hang too low.

Lastly, i threw in a headband to bring the look upward if you do not want to wear an up-do. Or u could wear sunglasses because... well, everyone looks good and chic in a hot pair of shades. lol. ^_^. Good luck!

Fashion in Action,

Style: Louis Vitton, RTW 2009; Forever 21: Jewel Net Flower Headband, $5.80. Royalty Bangle Set, $5.80. F5017 Sunglasses, $5.80; Charlotte Russe: Faceted Bead Necklace, $7.99. Floral Flutter Top, $19.99. Pleated Button Skirt, $22.99. Suede Scrunch Boots, $34.99.

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  1. Hi Allie,
    Thanks for your comments! Your blog is really cool. I loved this L.V. show and the necklace you picked is super cute.


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