Measure This

Imagine cooking something that needs 1 1/4 cups of water. You get the measuring cup and fill it with water. You analyze your measurement and decide there is a little too much water. So you pour some out. Now there's too little water. You add some more water.

But how can i know the measurement is accurate?

This scenario happens almost every time i cook. And since i'm a bit of a perfectionist, i want the water to be exactly on the line. lol. But imagine if i had this:

Cool, right?

Finally, i can make sure i have the correct amount of whatever ingredient i need. The cup even slides out of the casing for easy cleaning! "What a simple solution to getting the measure right." =)



  1. niiice =o!

    im really feeling the color too

  2. this is nice! I might need to get one myself for the accuracy.


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