Guess who's on V

Did you guess? That's okay, i'll tell you anyway. It's Cameron Diaz! =)

I know right?! LOL. She looks so different. I barely recognized her.

We're used to seeing Miss D with a more friendly, approachable look, but i must say, i like this look a little better. These pics are hot, classic, and sultry at the same time... (Click the image for a bigger view)

I'll say she deserves a new nickname for this one...
Introducing Cameron "Diva" Diaz!!! (Applause)
It has a little ring to it. lol. ^_^.

"Ten years ago she stole hearts and lit up the silver screen with a slew of roles as the blonde and beautiful good-time girl, but even Cameron Diaz herself knew she’d have to hit reboot before conquering Hollywood again. Now she’s back with 2 challenging new roles that might just change the course of her career"
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