Dress Up

This was one of those days when u have nothing else to do but play in ur clothes. lol. This is usually when i discover that something can go with something else. Like that necklace... i havent worn it since i bought it! And i usually wear that skirt in the fall/winter with some plaid leggings. Here's a pic of that...

That pic is two years old, maybe? I dunno... Anywho, this is the
new outfit
i came up with. I had fun being tryna be a top model. Lol.

Do you see my make up? What do you think? I was trying something new with that too. Well kinda... i used green and a rose color together before. That was cool. Here i tried yellow & pink. It looks kinda purple here... still cute. =)

After all that fun i put my hair in a ponytail and
took a pic with my boyfriend. ^_^.

That was fun. ^_^. What do you think of my outfit and/or make-up?
Any tips for make-up? I barely wear it. Only lip gloss and the
occasional natural looking eye shadow+eye liner+mascara. I like
experimenting with color. It's so bold.

Anywho, let me know. Love you guys!



  1. woow... sorry i dunno anything about fashion or make up except that you did a great job here, you're gorgeous by the way! I think you should try to get into modeling along with your singing!! Those pictures you posed in are amazing!

  2. thanks for the comment hun..loving the hair and the poses..following you now ;-)

  3. i love the outfit and the makeups kute too

  4. The makeup looks good! 2 tones/shades always looks good! And your photoshoot...Tyra woudld be proud! ;)

    -Kelly of *AF*

  5. thank you all! i really appreciate ur comments. =)

  6. LOVE ur hair! and the make-up looks gorgeous already! u did good.. remember, that less is more anyway, so dont feel like u have throw pounds of it on ur face to beautiful.. ur natural beauty is enough :)

  7. everything came out great!!

  8. loveee the outfit and the red heels, super cute!
    make up on point, you dont need ANY tho.
    and my favorite the hair-- the bangs :)

  9. hey new follower. the outfit is cute<3
    Im not bold enough for that makeup tho lol, but its nice.

  10. The outfit is great you have really good taste. Do you aspire to be a model? You have the figure to be one. I thought the colors for the outfit were great also. I wish you success at anything you do. -Joshua

  11. thanks joshua. i've thought about modeling but it's not something i'm interested in pursuing. i just do it for fun, i guess. =)


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