My Magazines

I'm so glad i have my magazines!
I've been waiting for them all week:

1. TIME Magazine w/ Michael Jackson on the cover
This is a great shot of him. There are a lot of other commemorative issues from other magazines on the stands but i wanted this one. Plus, i like this picture. This is the Michael Jackson i was introduced to so i felt it appropriate to get this one instead of ones with him as a kid on the cover...
I found Z!NK while on the prowl for TIME at Borders.
This magazine is so freakin dope!

It's fashion pics are simply awesome and i immediately fell in love with it.
Here are a few pics i like...
I'm trying to figure out what my image is going to be like when i'm on stage, and as a singer in general. This book really inspired me. I love the boldness
of these looks and i cant wait to try them! ^_^

P.S. Sorry for the grainy pics. They were taken with my phone. lol.

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    i wish i could read magazines like that.. i really never collect em either.. just kinda flip thru the pictures when at the grocery store, thats about it! lol


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