Is it fear or courage that compels you?

I was watching “The Jacksons: An American Dream” on Vh1. And at one point in the movie Katherine Jackson (played by Angela Basset) tells young Michael that courage is in their genes… she tells him not to fear things, not their family, not the fans, not anything. This scene touched me… it made me reflect on my wants and goals. It made me think of Michael’s dedication to his work and how he spent years perfecting one project. The scene made me take a look at Michael and other brilliant artists who appear to be fearless. And it made me look at my self and realize my own fear.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Megatron (Transformers, 2007), “Is it fear or courage that compels you?”
And after all of this and a conversation with my mom, I realized I was driven by fear. It’s funny, because I never thought of myself as such. You imagine someone living in fear being dramatically fearful, when in realization, their just moderately fearful… if that makes sense. My excuse to everything was “I’m being cautious.” I was cautious about money, love, family, everything… including my dreams & goals. You’re supposed to go after what u want, right? Just grab it. So what it may be covered in nails and you may have to jump over a huge ditch before you reach it, you gotta do it. Lol. Okay, that’s a little dramatic. But nothings easy and the fear of getting stabbed or falling down shouldn’t hold you from your dreams.

I told my brother that time doesn’t stop. Even when your waiting for something to happen or to make a decision, you’re still moving. You may want the world to freeze and to you, your world is frozen because you’re making no major decisions, but it’s not. Life keeps going. So just do something. You either do something or do the same thing you were doing, you can not do nothing…
So yesterday, I decided to do something. I decided to pursue headstrong in my quest of becoming a successful Pop Artist/singer. I know it’s gonna be hard. And it seems like everywhere u look, someone is tryna get their hands in the music business. But this is not about them. My life is about me and becoming the best of that. The only way I can do that is keep analyzing and improving my technique until it is perfect.

Before now, I’ve been here nor there with my music. I told myself “it’ll be nice if I’m a singer, but if it doesn’t happen, I’m okay.” There I go again making excuses. You know, I heard this quote a long time ago: “People make excuses when they expect failure.” That’s not exactly how the quote went, but that was the point. Phrases like “I’ll try” and “maybe” mean you really don’t expect you’ll achieve that something you’re referring to. I’m not one who whole-heartedly believes talking thing into existence makes them appear. But I do believe one must be optimistic in order to help one’s moral and to keep focused towards a specific dream. However, you will never get there without some form of work. And to work wisely without fear may only get you there faster…

…Everyone has things they're fearful of. But in order to grow, you must know & understand & accept your fears and faults… then you must correct them.

Love & Life,



  1. wow man.. i can really feel you on this one. fear can really hold a person back to some degree =/

    well i wish you the best on your singing endeavor! my dad does some stuff in that for real and is always looking for new talent but im not sure if this the best time to direct you to him, since we're moving and all, it gets really i don't know what you are doing already.. i could just direct you to his page though i guess if you ever wanted to check it out and see whats up with that...

  2. mmm!!! time is right!! the time is right D=, this might be too little too late...well actually... nah it isn't... its never bad to make more connections, especially in that business.. we just got through moving... how are you doing so far in pursuing your career in music? What have you done? comment me back or email me (s'on my profile i think), i wanna know! I'm looking forward to following your career!!!!! You ever make videos of your singing? mm anyways if you're looking for some more help or ways to get more into teh industry even just for advice you can email !! =o

    have a gooood day


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