Timeless Jewelery

These pieces by "A Second Time" are displaying clocks in a very fashionable, vintage way.

"[Each piece is created from] vintage watches and other timeless items. Each piece is one of a kind and unique for you. At A Second Time you will find a variety of different jewelery pieces to suit your moods and personality from the trendy to the classics... Each piece has been carefully assembled by hand with great attention paid to making the piece wearable so that you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come." Click here for more information.

I especially like the earrings! But the whole line is impressive and affordable, if you're interested. I've never bought anything tangible offline but i'm pretty tempted. Obviously, the jeweler has earrings, and necklaces but there's also bracelets, cuff links, and pins. The collection is definitely one to check out. It's pretty cool.

Via Esty

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