Ladies Dont Wear Pants

French Vogue has dedicated their latest issue's cover to a "No Pants" Movement. And if i understand this correctly, they want women to stop wearing pants, trousers and skirts? Humph. Well how about that...
Personally, i love my jeans. And i'm just starting to get into skirts... so i'm not really feeling this idea. But of course my boyfriend is all for it. Lol. I 'm trying to wrap my head about it's reasoning. So French Vogue is telling me is they want to take basic, essential elements out of my fashion; they want to deem it as unfashionable... have those innovators who specialize in women's pants, skirts, and trousers been wrong to do so. Maybe i'm looking to deep in it and getting myself hyped over nothing. Its whatever. We'll see how long it lasts...

But maybe this revolution is to be looked at as "freeing" or "liberating" or whatever. Who says women have to cover they're legs. Maybe some women are tired of being modest. Some may say this movement is catered to men, and it can be looked at from the angle. But with so many women walking around in shorts, will it still be sexy to show legs? Will it become the norm? Will men stop looking?

HA! Yeah right, like that'll happen!

But anywho, at the very least, one wearing these "shorts" all day will end up very comfortable with her body. I guess thats a good thing. Why not love those legs?
Or it can be looked at as a marketing scheme to promote those panty-shorts-thing. What's bigger that VOGUE saying dont wear those pants, wear these! Some designer is pretty damn happy right about now...

What do u think about this? Good or Bad?
Fad or Pass? Would u or Wouldn't u? What's up?

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  1. I think this is just a fad, I hate my legs so i would hate for designers to stop making jeans, or cus thats as short im willing to go! =)

  2. i think it's a fad too. As soon as it starts getting cold again, pants will be everywhere. lol. ^_^.

  3. "Ladies don't wear pants"?

    Haha. Maybe we should give this a chance, Miss Allie...

  4. lol. u think so? hmmm, i dunno. shorts everyday??? and those panty-shorts, OMG! Wowzers.

    Honestly, i do kinda like the 2nd pic (black & white). But i think i'll sit this one out. ;)

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  6. I hope its just a fad! Celebs are going bald and its starting a movement *cough* cassie ...*cough* La La. All it takes is for one of "them" to go Pantsless and its gonna be the new thing! I love a good pair of jeans... and i love my legs... looks like I'm stuck! LOL! Great blog! :)

    -Kelly of *AF*

  7. I think its just a fad, but seriously...some people won't stop until women just walk around in underwear all day!

  8. i know right! lol. its crazy! :)

  9. These will never pass for women's pants. They look nice on supermodels, but that's about it.


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