Guilty Pleasures

You have no idea how disappointed i am to have lent my comic books to a friend and not have it back in my possession. I gave her comics 1 thru 5 of Anita Blake: Guilty Pleasures a little before Twilight came out (Nov 2008- its now June 2009... Yeah, its been that long). UGH! This is aggravating cause i think she lost it, but the #1 issue is definitely something i MUST buy again.

If you're not into the series u should definitely check it out... I like it because she's not defined as a super hero. And although she kinda has "super powers" she's still human and vulnerable and acts like it in the comic book. My comic book chick said i should read the book instead. But i LOVE the comic book. And I dont think i can go book-to-comic like book-to-movie. But whatever. Check it out.


  1. Wonder how you get your hands on one of those =o Are they in regular stores? I like comic books but I don't have any =/ lol me and my brother each wrote one when we were little... My dad has some really old ones but i don't think we are allowed to touch those >.>.... nice posts on here though girl!!!!

  2. dang... i read more about Anita Blake... Going through my head now "gotta have it gotta get i want it!" man i need to get a job XD!

  3. Yeah Anita Blake is definitely something to get into. :) Its now on the second series, so its not too late. Although comics re-tell the plot at the beginning of every new series, it kinda sucks when u're jumping in on series #12. But it's only #2, so u're good! ^_^.

    Besides you can get the trade paper backs (collection of individual comics in one book) from Borders or something like that, if you want to read it from the beginning (which i recommend). I'm sure you'll love it! It's really cool. =)


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