Turn Me On

Oh man, how i love these sims videos. Hahaha. They're SO funny. Hahaha.

I know how hard this can be. I'm a Sims fanatic, and i still cant imagine doing one of these videos. It's just amazing. See for yourself:

While we're on the subject of Miss Hilson, i read an album review from And I slightly agree. Even with all this hype, it seems like she's been lacking a bit as an artist. She has all the right components of making a great artist but doesnt quite cut it. It was hard for me to categorize with contradicting singles like Energy and Return the Favor. Turning Me On helped a bit but the song was alightly a turn off, until Wayne saved the day. YAY WEEZY! Then it grew on me.

And as catchy as here singles are, I often caught myself in & out of listening. But i still had hope for her and i still do. There just arent enough prevalent black females in the HipHop/R&B game right now (not to me anyway). So after listening to her album "In a Pefect World..." i would say it's an adequate first cd. I dont like listening to single tracks on a cd so once u breeze thru the first few songs, it's pretty good. I still see room for growth. But like all artists, she will. It's a little harsh on me to expect perfection, even with the pressures of her hype. But she'll soon match it. And i cant wait til she does.

via: Youtube (Keri Hilson- Knock you Down, Sims 2)

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