After 6 Years, Sailor Moon Returns!

Okay, so i'm pretty excited about this. I absolutely loved Sailor Moon as a child, with Sailor Jupiter and Pluto being my favorite. But for those extreme Moon Fans in U.S., a new Sailor Moon series is now available in print.
Naoko Takeuchi's "Sailor Moon" will relaunch in September under the Kodansha Comics imprint. It will be accompanied by a two-volume prequel series titled "Codename: Sailor V," the first time it will be in print in the U.S. In it, teenager Minako Aino will fight as Sailor V against the Dark Agency before discovering Sailor Moon.

The "Sailor Moon" comic will be released every two months starting in September and feature new cover art, retouched interior art, new dialogue and bonus material never before published in the U.S. The books will be distributed by Random House Publisher Services.
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This is great. I just cant wait for it to come back to television with a new series. Maybe this is the start of a SM full comeback. I'll be watching, and i cant wait to see what happens! ^-^

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