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Keri Hilson - Still A Girl

Miss Keri Baby leaked a new song - Still a Girl - from her upcoming album, "No Boys Allowed." The song describes a girl torn between her emotions and wants to push a guy away but is having a hard time doing so. This is a situation in which most chicks can relate. We've all been here.

I think it's a cool song. But a few other blog sites aren't really feelin' it, because it's softer than her other singles like "Return the Favor" or "Turning Me On". To on-lookers & spectators, it is somewhat of a different sound from Keri. One blogger said it reminded her of a Jessica Simpson song (and i can feel where she's comin' from). However, to me it resembles the mood, and honesty of her first single "Energy" or a more appropriate comparison, "I Like" or "Slow Dance." All in all, i'm curious to see what she has coming next.

In other news, check out Rihanna - Only Girl (In the World), the first release from the singer's fifth album, Loud. >> Listen to it via Rap-Up.

Hmm... What do you think of these songs???

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  1. I really love Keri Hilson evey song she lays her voice on sounds good .Rihanna & Keri thats hott . i love them both and the song this is defiantly going to be my new ringtone .

    & thanks for commenting on my blog ,. come back more often


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