How My Mind Works

I saw this picture of Zac Efron

And it reminded me of Leonardo DiCaprio

This then reminds me of an article my honey told me about from Details Magazine, where Zac Efron doesn’t see himself as ‘cool’ because he tries to be cool and coolness is something that comes naturally. Read the Article

It also spoke of young-white-hollywood and who will be the new Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, and etc. After seeing these pics, I definitely see Mr. Efron more as a DiCaprio. They both started out as teen heart-throbs that captured a very young crowd (Titanic; High School Musical). Since then, Leo kinda had to prove he was a serious actor – of course, we see him as that now, but he still had something to prove none the less. And now after High School Musical, Zac has to show Hollywood and audiences watching the very same thing. We’ll see what happens with Mr. Efron; but I have no doubt that he’ll pull through. Yahoo!Pic

The article compared him to Tom Cruise. But what do you think??? Is Mr. Efron more closely to Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, or Leonardo DiCaprio?


  1. zac efron is so fine it should be illegal! and i remeber when i first saw the titantic...i almost died at leo's good looks!

    ill marry either of them (;


  2. If I was white I'd want to be Zac--and maybe a few other people while I'm at it.



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