You Outta Know Artist: RAHBI

Genre: Soul/Glam/Pop

U Gotta Hear:
Edge of My Life

U Gotta See:
Rahbi Perform Live

Why You Outta Know Rahbi:
I first learned of Rahbi when he opened the show for Janelle Monae in Atlanta. I love Janelle Monae, especially with her being SO theatrical, so the last thing I expected was someone who could even compare. Janelle Mentions Rahbi in Interview

However, in his own way, Rahbi does – I'm awestruck by his amazing stage presence, energy, and music. Plus, his song ‘Edge of My Life’ is really good. In short, he’s pretty much what would happen if “Prince and Grace Jones had a baby”... the ‘Prince of Glamour Soul’. And if you’re not convinced yet, well… Janelle Monae & Erykah Badu adore this man and if that doesn’t say much, then I dunno what else to say except check him out for yourself!

Want More from Rahbi? He asked that I let his Beautiful People know that he will be releasing a new single this summer produced by PJ Morton. "Nevermind the butterflies, just hold on tight..."

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