Scarlett Brings the Heat to V Magazine

For someone with such a fiery name,
Scarlett Johansson is remarkably cool... Read More
See More Pictures at V Magazine


  1. i really like V magazine, but i was really disappointed when i saw this cover, 1) because they chose to use Scarlett Johansson intead just a hot model and 2) because i think even with Scarlett as cover star, they could've done soooo much better.

    oh well...

  2. Lol. Thanks 4 commenting.
    I am surprised at how safe the pics are in comparison to other ones i've seen. VMag usually has a creative shoots. But it's still pretty, none the less. Plus my boyfriend (and many men) think Scarlett is hot. So i'd say her feature on the cover is okay. =]

  3. Yeah... My girl showed me her. She dope. Nice post. Keep up the good work. Your blogs looking dope


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