Something Like a Mini Tour

Excuse my absence; I’ve been missing for a few weeks. But it’s not in vain, I promise. Me & the FarOut crew had a performance at Princeton University! It’s was pretty damn awesome. Lol.

So what/who is FarOut exactly??? Well, 'FarOut Ventures' is a company that explores several types of entertainment & creative ventures, including but not limited to creative writing, music, film, and fashion, through individuals that have skills in those specified areas. But let's digress; we’ll get into that later.

We were invited to Princeton to perform at Hip Hop Art & Life’s "Women in Hip Hop Conference". It was so much fun! Bias and Glenn were the headliners out of the FO Camp. I was back-up singing. And Devan, our manager, made sure we got the most out of this occasion and everything ran smoothly. And Chi Chi, VP of HHAL and affiliate of FarOut, is so freaking dope! I appreciate her more than she knows for all of her help. Check out their blog

Other acts included-

Riva Flowz: Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe this photographer, writer, emcee, and poet whom is also featured on Def Poetry Jam. Read her blog.

Yafreici: Singer, emcee, and Urban Word Poet and one of the coolest people I met on this trip. Visit her Myspace Page.

3XL: Shayna, Menda, & Nikki, Feminist rap group. I love their style!

And DJ D.Scott: He did his thing. Much appreciated.

Guest Speakers included Dr. Cornell West, Amanda Diva, Shanti Das, and many, many more.

Overall, our trip was indescribable. Within 5 days we performed in Princeton, NJ; Philadelphia; and New York!!! We hung out with old friends, met new ones, and have never been busier! LOL.

Bias’ single (Stencil feat. Glenn) from his upcoming album, “Sent By Messenger,” has been getting good reviews. And its popularity is continuing to grow. This is a real exciting time for FarOut Ventures and I’m confident future experiences will be even more thrilling. ^_^.


PS. Pics Coming Soon!!!

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