FarOut Blogs to Note

Just in case you never checked
out my blog roll, you might want to... Who knows, u could
discover something new
that you fall in love with.

But first, let me introduce and showcase my friends and their blogs:

Juicy Carter [Entertainment, Music, Gossip, & More]

Gamer Grrlz
[Video Games & Everything U Need 2 Know About Them]

Riva Flowz [Poet, Emcee, Photographer]

Little Paper Dresses
[Small Paper Dresses Based Off Real Designs. U Gotte See It.]

Mr. Dissimilar [Fashion, Music, etc.]

Hip Hop: Art & Life [Princeton University, Hip Hop Blog]

Post a link to your blog or
tell me about your favorite blogs!


  1. Why thank you for the shout out, Allie. I really like your blog too! I will have to check out these other blogs and your blog roll very soon.



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