I've Been Tagged!!!

A Special THANK YOU-THANK YOU to Kimberly for tagging me. I'm a fan of her blog. The style of it is cute & awesome, and her posts are on point. Thanks for the tag and for following my blog. =)

And Thank YOU - everyone who follows my blog! Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I am humbled and flattered by your comments - all of them. The fact that u're on here is amazing to me. So thank you.

Now that i have been tagged, i have to post 10 Random Facts about myself and tagged/nominate a few other blogs:

The. Randomosity.
01. I like to sing about what i'm doing as i'm doing it.
02. Sometime i think government agents are watching me.
03. I just started painting yesterday - i think it'll become a hobby
04. I love Disney movies - Beauty & the Beast is my favorite
05. I often wonder what it'll be like if we all had super powers
06. I'm really bad at singing the lyrics to other people's songs. lol.
07. I wish Heroes and Lie To Me didn't come on at the same time
08. I love looking up at the stars and being lost in my thoughts
09. I still use school-tricks to tell which way is left or right
10. I blog the most while i'm at work - right now, in fact (shhh. dont tell anybody. lol)

Nominated Blogs:


  1. thank you for tagging! and thank u for following too!

  2. thanx for tagging me


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