Box n Locks

I loooove Adele - Listen to Chasing Pavements. So while i was on her MySpace page, I saw a girl named "MPHO" as her Top Friends. I figured, of course she is artist, so i checked her out. And i'm so glad i did. Her style is nothing like Adele, which isnt a bad thing, it's just not what i was expecting. Nonetheless, I totally dig MPHO's song "Box n Locks".

Said that you can’t please them all
But there ain’t no harm in trying
Can’t help myself its just the girl in me

MPHO (pronounced 'Mmm-poh') is a new London. Her stage name is Mpho Skeef. She's been writing and performing with other artist for a long time. But to my understanding, this is her first single and album. I'm feelin it. She has a song coming out with Wale later this year - Listen Now. That sounds pretty cool too. I think this chick may be one to follow. She's dope! Check out the Video for Box n Locks...

MPHO - Box N Locks (HQ) by DailyMotion

Sorry but I didn’t know, That I fit in the box,
And all the locks are supposed to be unbreakable, unbreakable
I bet ya never knew that I could do this too

Learn More About MPHO : MySpace - Twitter - Official Page

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