Lady Gaga "Bad Romance" Video

Yep, she did it again...

In this video, she's mainly without a huge bang, shades,
or some crazy apparel over her face...
I feel like i'm seeing her for the first time.

But let's talk about her fashion: Lady Gaga is obviously on point when it comes to her fashion game, as outlandish as it seems. Her looks are straight from the runway.

Immediately when i saw those high heels, i knew it came from Alexander McQueen's collection. I'm on all the time, you have no idea. lol. Anywho, McQueen is one of my favorite designers because his style is never the same. It's always crazy. Always random. And never normal. I absolutely love it!

What do u think about the video?
What do you think of Gaga's style?


1 comment:

  1. Mm... I think her sense of style is nice. I prefer stuff that's different and just out there, rather than everyone looking the same. The video was a bit wild. I wasn't following it much at all...just sitting here with a confused look on my face...Yeah, not too much of a Gaga fan...her fashion is cool though


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