I Am... awesome.

I got this from PeanutButter.Delight blog. It's a cute chain-letter-response-thing. Here's my version of it.

I am kinda random
I want to succeed at everything i do
I know he really does love me
I love him too
I can keep a secret... sometimes, lol
I feel like somebody's watching me
I see the beauty in almost everything i see
I can’t stop now; i've only just begun.
I have to stop and smell the flowers because i love them so much
I like to sing about what i'm doing (kinda wierd, i know. lol)
I need to take a vacation
I haven’t been to the moon but maybe one day i will
I must not get distracted but i'm so easily distracted
I don’t know whats gonna happen but i'll try to find out
I hate cold hearted-ness
I believe we're all here for a reason
I think aliens are real. Very real...
I will be strong
I do not know what to say. lol.
I would not be who i am if it weren't for u

She's right, these were kinda hard.
But it was fun. U should give it a try. Good luck.

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  1. That was great. I need a vacation too! I told it was difficult!


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