Halloween 2009

What are your plans for Halloween?

As of right now, i plan on going out. Not sure where yet. I'm just sure about the "going out" part. I'll either dress up in my old dance team uniform or wear something funky & chic and say i'm a Couture fashion model. lol. That'll be fun. ^_^.

So are you going anywhere? Or dressing up?


  1. dope blog ill follow you if you follow me

  2. to get candy i dont trick or treat tho last time i was 9 or 10 and never did it since..might b pashing out candy or takin lil brothas & sisters trick or treating don't kno yet but thanks for the comment and giving me the feedback.. :)

  3. no prob. i'm not planning on trick or treating either. just going out to a club or lounge for a Halloween Bash or something. i dunno. we'll see. ^_^


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