Do What U Think is Beautiful... Lady Gaga

Gaga gave this quote in a interview with
V Magazine. Words can not express how infatuated i am with this woman. Her style and music is hypnotizing. Okay, Okay... maybe not to that degree, but i
REALLY like Lady Gaga. I love her boldness and originality with all her crazy outfits. What can i say? And i'm a fan of pop music, and i love performers. She's awesome. So i made this fan-art because i the quote is dope. And it's always a good reminder to follow your heart and pursue whatever make you happy. Love and Life!


  1. LOVE that quote...and I definitely love her too. She brings something new to the music world...thats always a good thing

  2. I love Gaga as well! Thanks for following my blog, I just returned the favor! great blog


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