Video Music Awards 2009

Will you be tuned in to MTV
Video Music Awards tomorrow at 9pm?

Whose performances are you
looking forward to seeing?

Do you know who the nominees are?
Did you vote for anyone? I did. ^_^.


  1. ooo Beyonce' and Rihanna is going to be there!! I'll be sure to watch it! and how do you get more followers??? just curious to know lol

  2. i'm excited to watch it too.

    as for gaining followers, i find other blogs like mines, or just blogs that i like, and comment on their posts. sometimes if u follow someone, they will follow u in return. but keep in mind, blogger does not notify u of a new follower, so it may help to comment and their blog, let them ure following them, and ask them to do the same. And hopefully they will, and if they dont, well now u've found a cool new blog site. Good luck! =)

    PS. i cant comment on any of your post. r ur comments disabled???

  3. naaah im not watching...

    why? idunno... i didnt even know it was happening soon...

    plus im probably out of sync with new music.. so much of it has been sucking lately, that ive just been sticking with what i already know... i only hear new stuff occasionally when the radio is on in the car...

  4. that's cool. the main reason im excited is because i want to see if JaQuel wins Best Choreography for "Single Ladies." He used to go to my school. But we cant even vote for that category, so i'm just rooting for him.

    Plus, i'm sure the preformances wont be too bad. Hopefully... lol. ^_^.


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