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It’s been a week since the VMAs aired and that Kanye incident occurred. And ppl r still upset about it and Kanye has apparently disabled comments on his blog. This is crazy! I like Kanye and I’m a frequent guest of his blog (it’s really cool). It just baffles me that ppl r so harsh that he has to disable comments! I cant even say “that’s cool” or “nice post” because ppl might say cruel things to him on HIS blog. It’s bad enough mean comments are on twitter and everyone else’s blog, but ppl might put it on his personal blog too. That sucks.

What Kanye did was uncalled for but I wasn’t expecting Taylor Swift to win either. I voted for Gaga. But I also understand that a lot of other ppl voted too and Taylor obviously won. At the time, I was shocked and hurt for both of them. Hurt for Taylor because of the same reasons u were hurt for her. Hurt for Kanye because he said he would work on his ego and things of that nature, and this was like a step back for him.

I heard and read all kinds of things like “this will hurt kanye’s sells” and ppl saying they’re not a Kanye-fan anymore. Really? Now you know this man’s music is hot. And you knew about Kanye’s forward attitude before this. “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” anyone? We loved and some hated him then. But for the lovers, why hate now?

Sure, he didn’t have to do Taylor Swift like that. But if you’re a real Kanye fan, you kinda know who Kanye is. You heard his pain on 808’s, you’ve seen and heard about his losses, you’ve read his interviews, you know he’s a hard worker, and he’s passionate about music. You knew this before he said it on Jay Leno and before Jay Z said “Ye’s just passionate about what he does”. And like Kanye said on Jay Leno, that’s no excuse. What he did was wrong. He’s knows that and he acknowledges his mistakes and has taken actions to correct that mistake and will continue to work on his behavior in the future. Taylor accepted his apology. Why cant you?

Besides, we all have flaws. Kanye’s has a bigger stage, so when he slips the whole world is watching. When u slip, how many people see u? And when u sincerely apologize and strive to correct it, don’t you hope for a second chance? Granted, Kanye has had several slip-ups. But only recently did he speak of working on this problem. So to me, everything he did before has been excused and this is his first step back.

I guess, what I’m trying to say is “let it go”. I’m sure he feels bad for what he did. He doesn’t need the public throwing it in his face every way he turns. Eventually we’ll move on, and a new Kanye might emerge. But first we have to give him that chance.

*UPDATED 9/25/2009*
Kanye is allowing comments on his blog now. =)

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