Forever Fashion w/ Punk Twist

I think Forever 21 is my new favorite "mall store." You know, those stores u ALWAYS go into every time u hit the mall. When i was younger it was Rainbow and Rave. Then later on in high school it became Body Shop (aka Body Central). And now, ever since my forever 21, it's Forever 21. Soon i think it will be H&M but not yet. That store is awesome, by the way. Anywho, when i shop online i like to look at their "look books" or the page that displays different outfits. It's easier to identify exactly what look you want to go for. And with soooo many clothes (online and in store), it's easy to get distracted from those pieces u were really looking for. I think they should have looks books in store. Then again, that's what the mannequins are for. lol. Anywho, here's some hot, new looks from my Forever 21. ENJOY! I added my own commentary. ^_^.

Glasses + Hat = Awesome-ness!

Boots + stocking/leggings is the running theme.

I loooovvve the look on the right!

Both of these r hot!
For more looks, click here
Forever 21

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