It's My Birthday

For the past month I’ve been fretting about what I’m gonna do for my 21st bday (Friday). At first I was gonna have a party with a Michael Jackson theme, just playing his music.

Happy Birthday Michael...
But then i changed my mind and i wanted a regular party. Well not a party… a chill-fest is what I called it. I thought it was perfect since Im not a go out a party all night kinda girl. Plus I don’t see my friends that much since I’m away at school, so this way I would get to see everyone at once.

That plan was crossed out. So I was gonna have a bday weekend. Friday, with Tobias (my boyfriend). Saturday, with my friends. And Sunday, with my family. But then I ran across some financial woos due to tuition. So maybe hanging out with the girls isn’t such a good idea.

Then, I gave up. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want a big day with my boyfriend because he’s helping me with my expenses and it would be unfair of me to put such pressure on him. But he wouldn’t settle for doing nothing because he knew how excited I was about my bday. So I told him to either buy me a gift, take me out to eat, the movies or something. But only one thing!

Anyway, I was super excited about turning 21! ^_^. To me, it’s about having a new confidence and about being legally grown. Before there were spots I was insecure about going into because I know it’s a grown place and they served alcohol. But now I’m swinging the doors open and stepping in like “oh yeah, I ‘m grown. U already know,” lol (in my mind. Lol). It’s also about being adult about your responsibilities. I see myself doing this already, but I guess there are some things I can be more accepting of. Anyway, I’m excited to be 21!

And I’m still smiling today. Yesterday, was… omg… it was sooo nice. The whole day was a surprise to me. First, when I woke up, it was raining really hard. But it was cool because I was still gonna have a great day.

We had to drop his mom off to pick up her car. But on the way back, we were driving through Atlanta, he asked me if I want to do something around the house or in the city. I figured he was up to something, so I chose to stay in Atlanta. We went to a small, nice “Corner Tavern(that was the name of the restaurant). Not fancy or anything, just chill, how I like it. It had an urban feel to it. I liked it a lot. I had a good time there. We took pictures of each other with our camera phones and had a great time. When we left, he told me his future bday plans to me and apologized for the lack of surprise. But it was a surprise. I didn’t know any of this was gonna happen. And even when u tell someone what’s gonna happen it’s still a surprise if they didn’t know about it. He originally planned to go to a place for desert but since we got so full at “Corner Tavern” he figured that wasn’t a good idea. (I recently told him I think it would be cool to go to a place just for desert and nothing else. Just sitting there talking over desert… Kinda romantic, I guess.) We agreed to go home for now and eat desert later.

On the way home, I mentioned going to GameStop to trade in Sims 2 for credit towards Sims 3. But his reaction told me he hadn’t planned to buy the video game or go to GameStop. So I retracted my idea. At home we watched Katt Williams’ “It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’” with his mom. LOL. That was too funny. Katt Williams is crazy. lol.

After that we went to Applebee’s and shared a Blondie. It was pretty good. I also had my first (legal) drink: A strawberry margarita on the rocks. We talked and took more pics. I had a good time being with him so I moved to his side of the booth and we shared another Blondie. It was so sweet. I love him. Who knew my birthday would turn out so great!

We went home and started to unwind from our day. We had to take a finance quiz by 11PM so I started studying. Then I went over to the laptop to get online. When I adjusted the laptop, I saw "The Sims 3, Collector's Edition" behind it. My heart stopped. I figured I wasn’t supposed to see it, so I tried to play it off. Then he told me to look behind the laptop. I was so happy and was smiling sooo much. I’m a big Sims fanatic and had wanted it for a while. I didn’t even know he got it for me! I was so surprised, u have no idea!
Yesterday was amazing. ^_^. What a great introduction to a new year of my life.


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