Good Morning my friends

Happy Saturday! And if you’re not reading this on a Saturday, happy day to you too. I hope your day is going splendid and has plenty of gifts to offer. =)

Just a few minutes ago, was super tired and had a hard time keeping my eyes open. So i went to the sales center (im at work. im a concierge at a mid-rise condo. we have a sales center in the building), and made a cup of coffee. That made me wonder...

Is it coffee that picks u up?
Or is it the act of making coffee
whether its at home or going to Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts to buy coffee?

Im not a big coffee drinker, but my co-worker is. And he says he NEEDS coffee to make it through the day. And i've seen the effects of this caffeine. I'm just asking because even before i was finished making my coffee i was perked up and ready for the day, because i had to wake up just to make it. I guess if you drink coffee all the time this process is automatic. But it woke me up. And made me wonder...hmm... it's probably both the process of getting coffee and the drink itself that wakes u up.

Hey! Let me tell you about the coffee machine in the sales center. It's so cool! All you have to do is fill the pitcher on the side with water, put in a "little cup of flavor" for the type of coffee you want, select your cup size and VUALA! You have a cup of coffee. It's sooo simple! lol. Pressing buttons can be so fun. lol. I'm so up right now. lol.

i hope u have a FANTASTIC day!


  1. You've just made me want some coffee!

    I'm not sure if we have any right now though :S

    Besides not having any, its almost four o clock in the afternoon.... lol!

    Thanks for the wishes, you have a great Saturday as well!! Enjoy work... boy do I need a job or what... Apparently, Tampa is the recession capital of the US XD!

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