You know... with the recession and all...

That's a quote from my brother. He says it with any and everything. While playing a video game and losing to the boss he would say a line like this:

"Man! Dang, i just cant get a break. He keeps doing that fire ball...
and with the recession and all.. (ugh!)" It might be funnier in person. lol...

Anywho... this line couldnt be more true. This economic downturn has effected sooo many industries, including the fashion industry. One of my professors stated that in every economic downturn luxury items werent highly effected. And in some cases, the sales increased! This was mainly because the rich stayed rich, people bought luxury items to make them feel good, and all though times were hard pricey items didnt damage the pocket so much. This is NOT the case with this recession, however. And it's effecting the high fashion world...

TIME says, "Tough economic times take their toll on the French Haute Couture houses. As Christian Lacroix shows what may be his last collection and other designers curtail expenses, it was not surprising to see black emerge as the color for autumn, 2009." See Pictures of Couture Shows. (Dior's Flower Hat is gorgeous! And that suit by Giorgio Armani is the baddest thing ever! ^_^)

An article from the Associated Press also speaks of Christian Lacroix. "Lacroix, who has been dogged by financial woes for much of his label's 22-year-long existence, has said he will probably be forced to close his doors at the month. But he also says he hopes to attract new investors with deep pockets and come back, Phoenix-like, after the crisis." Read the whole article.

Honestly, i didnt think the fury of this recession would reach this far into the haute couture or fashion period. But the world is full of surprises. It's hard to remember America is not the only one suffering. This guy is a French designer hit hard by financial failures. And not to mention people in other countries who were already struggling... man... (sigh...)

Lets not dwell on our woes. Instead, let's appreciate the good we make of our situations.


  1. i like the recession excuse, i see it everywhere,its so funny (even tho its really bad). nice blog too. (love Aaliyah!)

  2. thanks. =)
    the recession excuse is now a running joke in my house. its so silly. lol.


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