Cool Stuff

Well... umm... yeah. There it is. Everything you need for a meal right I'm sorry. This is just a little silly to me.

Creative? Yes. Cool? Yes. Convenient? Of course.

But still silly. I mean, this is the type of thing that use to come with my doll houses. Now you want me to use it in real life? Who would've thought... Humph, sure why not. I'll buy it. lol. ^_^

Another cool thing...
this wrench:

Seriously, who comes up with these things?! It's so cool!

I still cant get over how real the hand looks. Now when you ask someone for a hand (with mechanical work), they
can really give you one. Hahaha! ^_^.


  1. i luv the snap a party plate thingy!!! that is so cool!! & convenient!

  2. Those snap a party things are pretty cool... probably expensive tho.


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